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3rd Annual Blogger Gift Exchange by

2015 Gift Exchange Link Up

Apparently, not only am I a bad blogger right now, I’m also a bad host! Tsk, tsk, tsk. I promised ya’ll a blog linkup to share all the wonderful holiday cheer from the 3rd Annual Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange and I never put it up. Better late than never, right?

A huge thanks to my secret santa, Nicole of Zen and the Art of Baby Horse Management. She got me a beautiful, custom monogrammed travel coffee mug that’s already been to the barn and back. It’s perfect for me since I’m totally addicted to caffeine, and of course, monograms are life. <3

Also, a huge thank you to the 53 equestrian bloggers who participated this year! Each year the event keeps growing, and I’m happy to say this year was the largest so far!!

A Enter Spooking Going Rogue Dancer She Moved to Texas
Adventures of the Greenest Horse I Ever Bought Graduated Equestrian Snapshots Of A Schauber
All In Grain Before Groceries SprinklerBandits
Amateur At Large Hand Gallop Stampy and the Brain
Bel Joeor Hellomylivia Tear Drop Winken
Breeches and Boat Shoes House on a Hill The $900 Facebook Pony
Calm, Forward, Straight Kickin Sand in the Croatan The Charming Farmer
Canter and Candor Life of Riley The Exquisite Equine
Chasing the Dream Me Jump Pretty One Day The Maggie Memoirs
Cob Jockey My Mojito The Story So Far Equestrian
DIY Horse Ownership No Hour Wasted The Thrifty Equestrian
Equestrian At Hart Not-So-Speedy Dressage Thoroughbred Adventures
EquiNovice One Bud Wiser Topaz Dreams
Equinpilot Pony Express Two Points, Tacos, & Tiaras
Eventing Saddlebred Style PONY’TUDE Wilbur, Ellie, and Emily
Fly On Over Poor Woman Showing Wyvern Oaks
Four Mares No Money Saddle Seeks Horse Zen and the Art of Baby Horse Management
‘Fraidy Cat Eventing See Horse Design

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18 thoughts to “2015 Gift Exchange Link Up”

  1. So… I may have emailed you twice about this. And then realized I had the email wrong. And was emailing some random person about blogger secret santa. I’ll do a better job next year!

  2. I’m very bummed I didn’t get myself together in time to participate this year, my apologies. It’s been a nasty year, but glad this was a great success again & thanks so much for organizing!!!!

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