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Equestrian Social Media Link Up

Over the last few weeks I’ve taken some time to talk about my favorite equestrian social media channels. I’ve explained why I love Twitter, shared the best Instagram accounts, discussed Pinterest and told you who I follow on Facebook. While there are definitely social media channels I’m not as intimately involved in like Tumblr, Google+ and YouTube, I hope you learned a little bit and found some new ways to get your equine fix online. And while following brands, national chains and small businesses provides coupons, product previews and endless entertainment, my favorite equestrians to follow on social media are you: my fellow bloggers! So do me a favor and publish your equestrian social media channels, and then link up below! I’d love to follow more of you, whether it’s your personal account [if you’d like to share!] or accounts for your blog.


Uphill Canter - Dec 2014

Like Magic

Most of the time in riding, bad habits take a long time to fix. To me, working on fixing a bad habit often feels like I’m fighting an uphill battle every single stride. And it should — riding is a difficult sport that takes not only excellent fitness, but a great deal of mental acuity as well. But this month I found a magic bullet that fixed one of my worst and most frustrating problems: the upward canter transition.



Top Equestrian Twitter Accounts

I have to admit, Twitter isn’t my favorite social media outlet. I just don’t quite get it — I get my news directly from websites, I keep in touch with my friends on Facebook, and I get all of the eye candy I need on Instagram. So where does Twitter fit in? Well my friends, I’m here to tell you just that. Even though the little blue bird might not be my favorite, he does provide some entertainment. Think of Twitter as Facebook’s little brother: sometimes inappropriate, yet totally hilarious and completely unable to keep a secret. I love to follow two types of equestrians on Twitter: snarky, impulsive equestrians and small businesses. Seriously, some of the quips these people come up with are totally priceless and usually small businesses are most apt to post sneak-peeks and previews of new products or services on Twitter first. So here’s a list of my top five favorite equestrian twitter feeds:


Dear Santa

My Christmas Wishlist

I love making wishlists almost as much as I love buying presents for family and friends. Mostly I inherited my parents frugal financial mindset and my grandmother’s love of window shopping… so instead of buying all the pretty, fancy things all the time I look at them online and pin them to my Wishlist Pinterest Board. Which may or may not have mysteriously found its way to my husband’s email. Either way, this blog hop from Pony Express is right up my alley! So here’s the condensed version of what Miles and I are asking for this holiday season: