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Top Equestrian Twitter Accounts

I have to admit, Twitter isn’t my favorite social media outlet. I just don’t quite get it — I get my news directly from websites, I keep in touch with my friends on Facebook, and I get all of the eye candy I need on Instagram. So where does Twitter fit in? Well my friends, I’m here to tell you just that. Even though the little blue bird might not be my favorite, he does provide some entertainment. Think of Twitter as Facebook’s little brother: sometimes inappropriate, yet totally hilarious and completely unable to keep a secret. I love to follow two types of equestrians on Twitter: snarky, impulsive equestrians and small businesses. Seriously, some of the quips these people come up with are totally priceless and usually small businesses are most apt to post sneak-peeks and previews of new products or services on Twitter first. So here’s a list of my top five favorite equestrian twitter feeds:

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Dear Santa

My Christmas Wishlist

I love making wishlists almost as much as I love buying presents for family and friends. Mostly I inherited my parents frugal financial mindset and my grandmother’s love of window shopping… so instead of buying all the pretty, fancy things all the time I look at them online and pin them to my Wishlist Pinterest Board. Which may or may not have mysteriously found its way to my husband’s email. Either way, this blog hop from Pony Express is right up my alley! So here’s the condensed version of what Miles and I are asking for this holiday season:

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PSA: Gift Exchange Linkup and First Printable Pony Order

Time for a quick public service announcement! First off, I’ve created a linkup / blog hop for everyone participating in the Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange. Once you write your post about what you got, go on over and add your link so we can all follow the holiday cheer [and so I can live vicariously through all the wonderful packages you receive!]. I’m excited to see all the awesome gifts!

Printable Pony First Sale

Secondly, I need to thank Emily from Wilbur, Ellie, & Emily for making the first purchase at my new Etsy store, The Printable Pony! She purchased two Complete Horse Binders for both of her wonderful equines. Thank you so, so much Emily!! And don’t forget, our grand opening 30% off coupon expires at midnight tomorrow (Friday, Dec. 12). Just type in the code GRANDOPENING30 at checkout to receive the discount.


Popular Equestrian Pinterest Boards

When I was wedding planning, I became best friends with Pinterest. At first I found a million photos that inspired me, like color palettes and dress designs but quickly I realized that Pinterest had so much more to offer. DIY centerpiece instructions? You can find that on Pinterest. Advice on picking out which venue to book? That’s there too. Tips on selecting the best photographer? How to stay relaxed on your big day? A wedding budget worksheet? All found on Pinterest. After my wedding, I went through a brief period of Pinterest withdrawal. Now that my big day was over, how would I get to use my this new social media channel? I shouldn’t have worried because there are a ton of great Pinterest boards dedicated just to horses! Here’s a short list of my top equestrian Pinterest boards:

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