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Vincenzo Jumper Pony

Vincenzo the Jumper Pony

I’ve been keeping quiet lately, but Miles has been a little bit footsore ever since last Thursday. It’s nothing major, but he’s been in enough discomfort to keep us on the sidelines this week. I’ve been packing his front feet with Magic Cushion and wrapping him overnight, which seems to be helping. He’s been steadily getting better and I have high hopes that everything will be back to normal by this weekend. In the meantime, I’ve been reunited with my favorite pony Vinnie! Trainer graciously allowed me to ride him in my lesson on Thursday and we played dress up. Because there’s nothing like fancy boots, a figure eight bridle and fancy Eskadron boots to turn your frown upside.

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5 Free Horse Apps I Cant Live Without by Fly On Over

5 Free Horse Apps I Can’t Live Without

From email at work, to Facebook at home, to Google Maps GPS on the go, the average person relies on technology to accomplish everyday tasks now more than ever before. If you’d asked me five years ago how often I checked my social media profiles I probably would have said once a day; 10 years ago I didn’t even know what MySpace was, let alone Facebook. Today, I’m constantly checking my phone for updates and I feel slightly lost when I actually have to turn my phone off [which I only do every few months].

Seeing how my iPhone has become so integral to my everyday life, it’s no surprise that I use it religiously to support my horse as well. Miles has his own Google Calendar [color-coded, of course] so I never forget a lesson or farrier appointment, he has a note with all of our association membership numbers in Evernote and I keep my “Miles” Dropbox Folder full with copies of his Bill of Sale and most recent Coggins for easy access.

But over the last year of horse ownership, I’ve come to rely on more than just the apps and websites I use to help organize my entire life. My iPhone is now inundated with equestrian-specific apps that I’ve come to love. And since I’m cheap, I only download ones that are free. So what free horse apps do I use every single day for Miles, that I can’t possibly live without? Here are my top 5: Read More

Hunter Jumper Lingo

Hunter Jumper Lingo

So now that you have a basic understanding of what’s going on in the ring, it’s time to make you sound like an old pro. Here’s your chance to impress someone with your hunter/jumper knowledge and really understand what all those people are talking about at the in-gate. Just like any other sport, there is a “hunter jumper lingo” that is used to describe what’s going on. For those that aren’t familiar with this hunter jumper lingo, it sounds like a lot of gibberish and makes absolutely no sense. But if you have an understand of a few key terms, you’ll not only understand what the people around you are talking about, but you’ll sound like you’ve been on the scene for years. Read More