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Thoroughbred Incentive Program

All About the Thoroughbred Incentive Program

Many of us bloggers have Thoroughbreds, be they off the track or not and many more of us are Thoroughbred fans, even if we might not own one ourselves. Throughout the equestrian community at large here in the U.S., I’ve noticed an effort to educate fellow equestrians about the American Thoroughbred and an increase in organizations, programs and nonprofits dedicated to the breed. Specifically, in Hunter/Jumper Land I’ve seen a push over the last few years to bring Thoroughbreds back into the show ring and increase their popularity amongst junior and amateur equestrians. Across the country Thoroughbred-only classes, divisions and even entire shows have cropped up and one program I’m personally really excited about is the Thoroughbred Incentive Program.

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Favorite Equestrian Facebook Pages

I’ve talked about my social media darling of the moment Instagram already, so I thought I’d give my all-time favorite channel some love too. Even though Facebook has been there, done that and tried again, I still love it. It’s great for keeping in touch with family and friends, following your favorite stores and brands and even getting a quick laugh from one of those satirical ecards. And of course, most of my Facebook feed is filled with updates from my favorite equestrians, tack stores and national brands. It’s hard to narrow down my list, but here’s are my Favorite Equestrian Facebook pages:

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