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Rider Conformation

Equestrians discuss horse conformation on a regular basis. Sometimes we look at the proportions of a horse to determine his suitability for a specific discipline: is his topline short enough for jumping? Are his legs straight enough for Dressage? Other times we talk about conformation to discuss potential issues a horse might have: toed out means the horse could hit himself as he moves and horses with a severe overbite or underbite could have difficulty eating. But you know what we don’t seem to talk about at all? Conformation of the rider. (more…)

Mind Body and Soul

Winter Plan for Miles

Last winter was really rough for Miles and I; we struggled with blanket rubs, funky skin and coat, attitude issues and behavioral problems. We’ve come a long way since then and I really don’t want our progress to slide back this winter. I’ve gone back and forth with anyone who will listen about what is best for Miles. I’m convinced he has seasonal affectiveness disorder, just like me — but what does that mean for his training? What can I do to make this time easier for him? What is reasonable to expect? Trainer and I discussed our plan during the last lesson to keep Miles happy in mind, body and soul. (more…)

Happy Things Blog Hop: Favorite Noms

It’s no secret that I’m a girl who loves to eat, which means this latest Happy Things Blog Hop: Favorite Noms by She Moved To Texas is right up my alley. If I’m being honest, there’s not many foods that I don’t like [with the strange exception of sweet potatoes], but my favorites are definitely and without question cheese, pasta, pina coladas and wine. If I had to design my own food pyramid it would probably look like this: (more…)

Hunters vs Equitation vs Jumpers

Hunter Jumper Terms

Have you ever been to a hunter/jumper show and realized you had absolutely no idea what was going on? Maybe you read a prizelist for a local association’s show and been totally stumped by the various division names. Or perhaps you’re just a mom or dad who would love to know what the heck your daughter or son is talking about when they bring up horses. The world of hunter/jumpers can be a very convoluted and confusing place if you’re not familiar with basic hunter jumper terms. So I’m here to shed some light the basic principles of these disciplines. Below are some hunter jumper terms you might hear or see at a show, a lesson or even just in conversation with an equestrian. (more…)

Drool-Worthy Products by Fly On Over

SFTS Blog Hop: That One Thing

In the last year, I’ve become totally and overwhelmingly addicted to tack. It started out innocently enough — new horse needs certain things I don’t own. But then… it spiraled into I WANT ALL THE THINGS and I indulged. Let’s not forget my first goal review of the year where pretty much all accomplished was spending money on tack. Oops. The first step to overcoming addiction is admitting your problem and now I’m finally on to the fixing it stage. But that doesn’t mean I don’t window shop with fervor. Thus, this blog hop from Stories from the Saddle is like nirvana for me right now. Here’s what I’m currently lusting after:

Equifit Luxe Open Front Boots

Yeah, that’s what I want. Why? No reason other than they are really pretty and I’m totally convinced Miles would look like a badass in leather boots. I can’t wear them to show in [Hunters aren’t allowed to wear any boots] and I’m not planning on showing in Equitation any time soon [plus boots in 2’6″ equitation would be overkill]. But they’re still really pretty and I want them. I also want the matching ankle boots too, please.

Ariat Heritage Field Boots in Sienna

Also, some brown field boots to school in would be just fantastic. Again, I totally don’t need these and really have no reason for them since again… I can’t show in them, but they’re beautiful. Just look at that color!! And a girl really can’t have too many pairs of shoes, right?! And if I got Miles those Equifit boots, we could match… all hunter princesses like to be matchy-matchy! Plus, a little birdie told me that Ariat is adding an XWide calf option next year for those of us with athletic calves — WOOHOO!

So, what are you lusting after right now?