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New York Court of Appeals hearing oral arguments

So Proud

Today I am beyond ecstatic to announce that after three years of hard work, dedication and perseverance my darling husband, Sam, officially passed the Ohio Bar Exam!! Next month he will be sworn in by the Supreme Court of Ohio and officially become a licensed lawyer. I could not be more proud of his accomplishment and I know this milestone means so much to him. Congratulations, baby!!

law school graduation
Sam and I at his Law School Graduation ceremony
Miles Grazing Oct 2014

Exciting Adventures

Miles and I have had some exciting times recently. Most of my readers will probably laugh, as our “big adventures” aren’t really that big or adventurous, but this time of year there’s just not that much going on. In good news, however, the weather here in Fly Over Country has been absolutely phenomenal and I’ve been enjoying every bit of it. Miles and I have been riding outside as much as possible and we continued that trend on Sunday. I planned to work on transitions, so I geared up with my roller ball spurs and away we went. For some reason, about once a year, I struggle with the right lead canter — I can’t ask for it correctly to save my life. It’s super annoying and frustrating to have trouble with something so basic and I waffle between working on it diligently [and pissing Miles off] and ignoring it. But on Sunday, everything finally clicked in my big, thick skull again! We got right lead canter transitions from the walk down centerline like a boss — exciting adventure #1 for us. (more…)

Basics of a Hunter Jumper Course

Basics of a Hunter Jumper Course

Now that you’ve got the 50,000-foot view of a hunter/jumper show, you’re probably feeling pretty confident. You’ve impressed your friend who shows in the Jumpers with a clutch “beat the clock!” encouraging shout as she entered the ring, and she was super impressed. Good for you! But now it’s time to step up your game and learn the basics of a hunter/jumper course. (more…)

Miles being a Ham for the camera


You’re probably tired of hearing about how awesome Miles is and how great our lessons have been lately… but I can’t help it! I really think that after our last horse show, we’ve just clicked. Something has changed for us — our bond has grown stronger, we know each other better and we’re both in a pretty happy place with riding. Sure, the weather gets us both down and sometimes we don’t start out our rides with big grins on our faces, but by the end, we’re on the same page and it just feels good.  (more…)