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Miles and I Trail Ride Sept 2014

Brave Trail Pony

Friday at work was nearly torture as I waited for 4:30 p.m. to roll around so I could head out to the barn for a trail ride with the BFF. Of course, by the time it was finally leaving time, everyone in the city was on the highway and there were accidents everywhere. My usual 45-minute leisurely drive turned into an 80-minute exercise in patience and understanding. Sometimes, I really hate the city! But I finally made it, strapped on my helmet and away we went.  (more…)

Sleepy Miles in the Crossties

Eyes Up, Leg On

This is my mantra right now: keep your eyes up, looking past the fence and keep your leg on all the way to the base. That’s pretty much all Trainer said to me throughout the entire lesson last night. I’m getting a lot better about looking up, but sometimes I still don’t look far enough ahead; especially when Miles is being particularly lazy. It’s almost as if he drags me down with him… if that makes any sense? (more…)

Miles is Not Amused

Wherein I Ride

Fall seems to have cropped up out of nowhere, folks. This week I had grand plans of sticking to a riding schedule, accomplishing some health goals and getting all the household chores done… and it really would have worked if I had just stuck to the goddamn plan. But it was grey, dreary and chilly on Monday, so I felt under the weather [pun intended] and skipped the barn entirely to watch re-runs of Veronica Mars on Netflix. Great life choice, I know. I did the exact same thing on Tuesday, so here I was a third of the way through the week and I hadn’t done diddly-squat. Sometimes being an adult really sucks. (more…)

Irideon Kismet Show Coat Review

Product Review: Irideon Kismet Show Coat

Irideon Kismet Show CoatProduct Details

Irideon Kismet Show Coat
Retail Price: $332.99
What I Paid: $150
Purchased: May 2014

The Review

When I started showing again back in 2010 I needed a new coat on the cheap, so I picked up a navy wool jacket on Ebay for $25. I wore it for two seasons and while it was just fine, the construction and fit left a lot to be desired. So I went on the hunt for a stretchy, technical fabric jacket; unfortunately this turned out to be a big more difficult than I originally imagined as many brands don’t carry my size. When I stumbled upon the Irideon Kismet, I was tickled pink: this jacket is everything I wanted and more! The “StretchTech™” soft shell fabric really is super stretchy, more so than the Grand Prix TechLite or the Ariat Triumph I tried on, as well as much lighter and cooler than wool. The fit is spot on and true to size, although I did shorten the sleeves just a bit for my T-Rex arms. (more…)