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Miles and I Sept Equivents

2014 September Equivents: Day 2

Day two of the show was decidedly more eventful for me. The classes moved quickly and despite the fact that I was in the last division of the day, I found myself in the saddle around noon. The under saddle class was schedule to go first, before the over fence classes [which I absolutely hate], so I waffled a bit before getting ready, then promptly panicked because I thought I was late, but of course ended up in the warm-up ring with plenty of time. Phew! I opted to wear spurs for the flat, and took my time warming up, adding in some hand gallop in an attempt to wake Miles up who was rather sleepy. My goal for the class was to get Miles to really move out at the trot and work over his back, as well as not break at the canter. I find under saddle classes to be particularly challenging sometimes because I want my horse to stay consistent, so when I find a pace I like I just sit there and do nothing, which in turn leads to mistakes. Miles was great, and we accomplished all of our goals. We didn’t place, but that’s fine. Some judges are going to like Miles and some just aren’t. I’m just happy to have good rides and show my horse off to the best of my ability. (more…)

Thumbs Up

2014 September Equivents: Day 1

Over the weekend Miles and I attended our last show of the season. I can’t believe that it’s the end of September already and that summer is really over. Here in Fly Over Country it seems like the leaves changed colors overnight and that the temperatures have dropped already — where did the time go?! Luckily, the weather held out for us and stayed pleasantly warm and dry for the three-day show. Miles hauled up to the show grounds Friday morning and I met him there in the afternoon. This venue breaks up classes a bit differently: professional hunters show Friday morning, followed by Jumpers Friday afternoon into Saturday morning. Then Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday is reserved for Junior and Adult hunters. (more…)

Miles cantering on Course at Delaware

Forward, Forward, Forward

When Trainer asked what I wanted to work on in the lesson last night, my answer was immediate: “pace.” Ever since I┬ámoved up to the Intermediate Adult Hunter division, I’ve been adding an extra stride into each line of jumps. I’m much more comfortable with this slower pace, but my next goal is to be competitive… which means I need to go forward, pick up the pace and do the correct number of strides. It went mostly as I expected: tough. I really struggled to get enough pace to the first jump and my four stride line was more of a gallop and pray than a nice, easy flowing line of jumps. But there is progress: I really made it work, instead of just settling for the extra stride. Miles is a smart cookie and I think he knows the pace we’ve been using in the show ring really well too and that’s how he’s trained right now. So we need to do a little bit of re-training over the winter, but we’ll get there. (more…)

New Albany Classic Jumps

New Albany Classic Grand Prix

Central Ohio has a healthy equine industry; there’s no shortage of boarding barns, trainers, vets or farriers and we definitely have more than just a few horse shows available. But I have to admit, we’re not the hunter/jumper hub of the Buckeye state. I think if you took a poll of Ohio’s equestrian citizens, the majority would own and show Quarter Horses–which makes sense, considering the world’s largest single-breed horse show is literally in our backyard. So while it’s pretty cool to have so many horse-related options and activities, sometimes I feel like us hunter/jumpers get the short end of the stick. But we do, however, have a really cool Grand Prix event to drown our tears with. (more…)