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Busting Boredom

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you’ve probably figured out that Miles lives in the lap of luxury. Okay, his life might not be as cushy as Beezie Madden’s Simon, but Miles doesn’t work as hard either (2’6″ Hunter < Grand Prix Jumper). I always strive to do the best I can for my horse, but there’s one area that I’m coming up a little bit short.
Miles is bored.
Part of this stems from being stuck inside all winter… and then some more as we experience those wonderful April showers. Our barn does indoor turnout on a rotating basis, so he’s never stuck inside for more than one day in a row; plus I try to ride about four or five times per week. He has a wonderful window, which overlooks a pond and he can watch the commotion in the aisle all he wants. But I just don’t think it’s enough… because he’s cribbing.
That’s one of Miles’ only faults. He’s a light cribber. Not enough for a collar, but enough to be annoying and detrimental to his dental hygiene. It’s a compromise I made when I bought him, and overall, it’s been okay. I thought about trying to concoct some sort of  “gusting goo” that would discourage him, such as vaseline and cayenne pepper rubbed on the wood edges. But it turns out the main ingredient in cayenne pepper is capricin… which is NOT USEF-legal. So I scratched that plan. I tried to buy a Likit, but Miles has turned down three flavors: carrot, apple and molasses… so that’s a no-go too.
So I’m turning to my readers to help me out. What do you do to help keep your horses from going stir-crazy? And if you’ve had a cribber in the past, are there any tips, tricks or secrets you’d like to divulge?