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I Get Married This Month

I’ve been waiting for spring and summer for some time now. I hate winter, and this year it was especially brutal. But even though I feel like I’ve been praying for warmer weather at least twice a day since January, somehow the month of May snuck up on me. Yesterday I realized it was May 5th… which means not only do I get married this month, I get married 23 days from today. Holy shit!

Choose A Seat Sign

It’s so strange to plan for something for so long, and then have it finally be within grasp. It feels like it was just yesterday that we were at Barcelona and Sam asked me to marry him. But it also feels like I’ve been wedding planning forever. But in all honesty, there’s not that much left to do:

  • A few miscellaneous signs
  • Final music selections
  • Complete seating chart
  • Run a few errands
  • Make a few phone calls
And that’s it. All in all, I’m feeling fairly relaxed about the whole thing. I mean, logistics and party planning is not my forte, so that’s a bit stressful, but at this point I’m down to the details. And while they’re important, the most important thing to me is having my family and friends there to celebrate with us. Almost all of our RSVPs are in, and I can’t wait to see everyone!

So now that I’m 90 percent through the wedding planning process, here are some of the best tools I used:

#1 Take Friendly Advice

By and large, I took the advice of a few friends who got married locally and the advice of my venue’s wedding coordinator. It made my vendor selections fairly simple and I got some great word-of-mouth references, like the seamstress who altered my corset, wedding dress and two bridesmaids dresses for $200.

#2 Use Online Tools

  • I used The Knot’s Checklist to help me make sure I wasn’t missing anything big, but I signed up with a dummy email I use for junk so I wasn’t inundated with nagging reminders all the time.
  • Wedding Wire has an amazing virtual seating chart that you can customize to look exactly like your floor plan.
  • Google Docs was great for coordinating the guest list with all sides of the family.

#3 Delegate Tasks

Even though it sounds simple, one of the things that kept me sane throughout the planning process was delegating tasks to various people. I told Sam he was in charge of the honeymoon and my mom was in charge of all arts and crafts.
I’m definitely not a wedding planning expert, and I guess the only way to tell if I’ve been successful will be the event itself at the end of the month, but I’m feeling good about it. Things are really coming together, and I’m excited! And I definitely can’t wait to share the pictures with ya’ll!
Happy Birthday Rocky

Happy Birthday Rocky!

Happy birthday to the best first dog a girl could ever ask for! Today is Rocky’s 4th birthday, and I can hardly believe it. He’s grown up quite a bit since we first got him in July 2010, but in many ways he’s still the same relaxed, easy-going pup we fell in love with.

We celebrated over the weekend with Rocky’s grandparents and he got two bandannas, one Tennessee Titans and one Atlanta Braves, as well as a trip to the pet store to pick out some special treats. I’m hoping to take him for a walk in the metro park later this week or weekend too — he loves all the smells out there!

Sam and I are so blessed to have such a wonderful dog baby in our lives — we certainly couldn’t ask for a better companion or addition to our family. Next year is the big 5th Birthday… I better start planning now!

Happy Birthday Rocky


Today, hug your loved ones a little bit tighter. Our barn’s schooling show this weekend was cancelled yesterday because the other hunter/jumper trainer was in a fatal car accident. I find myself at a complete loss for words; she was a staple of our local hunter/jumper community, a knowledgeable horsewoman who taught many to ride and a wonderful, wonderful woman.

I’ll never forget her platinum blonde hair, and how she always, always wore breeches and her helmet, with her hair and makeup perfectly done. I’ll always remember how she liked to put out tons of poles, cones and jumps for her lessons, but that she always let me hack around if I needed to.

One time she was teaching, and I came in to hack. Her client was doing a particularly complex jump pattern, so she led Miles by his bit to a safe spot, but was so engrossed in coaching that she forgot to let go and we walked all around the ring with her. She was so sweet when she realized and patted Miles and told him what a wonderful horse he was.

It’s shocking, and terribly tragic that she’s gone. She will certainly be missed by many equestrians, especially here in Central Ohio.