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Hunter Fashion, Part I

Despite the fact that winter continues to rage here in Fly Over Country (and foil my plans to ride my horse!) all I can think about is spring and summer… and you guessed it, horse shows! So since I’m still stuck inside, I’m giving in to my addiction by stalking photos of HITS and WEF online, which has led to an unhealthy amount of online shopping. But unfortunately I’m semi-broke (thank you brand-new Prestige saddle) and I’m cheap, so really I’m just window shopping online.

Last year I spent an exorbitant amount of time window shopping for expensive, fancy amateur hunter horses because I didn’t have one of my own. But I love Miles and I’m really looking forward to showing him this summer, thus my daily visits to have drastically reduced. Instead, I’m shopping for myself… specifically for show outfits. Here’s my current get-up:

  1. On Course Ashby Ladies Hunt Coat in Navy – $71.95 (I paid $25)
  2. Ariat Heritage Tall Boots – $265.95 (I paid $165)
  3. Essex Classic Solid Color Diagonal Twill Show Shirt in Yellow – $63.50 (I paid $25)
  4. RJ Classics Essential Ladies Wrap Collar Show Shirt in White w/ Pink – $58 (I paid 37.95)
  5. Ariat Heritage Knee Patch Side Zip in Tan – $90.20
  6. Ariat Heritage Knee Patch Side Zip in Khaki – $86.95
  7. IRH ATH SSV Helmet – $235.55 (I paid $145.30)
  8. Tory Stitched Spur Belt – $36
  9. Heritage Premier Show Gloves – $26.55

TOTAL COST: $934.65 (I paid $637.95)

For the most part, I really like my show outfit. I enjoy having two shirts and two breeches because I always go to two-day shows and variety is the spice of life. The two things I would most like to upgrade are my tall boots (I want Spanish style tops with a swagger tab SO BAD) and my helmet (I wear the same one for schooling so it’s getting a bit… grungy).

But only upgrading two pieces of your wardrobe is no fun, especially when you’re window shopping. So here’s what I came up with for a completely upgraded look:

  1. RJ Classics Soft Shell Hunt Coat in Navy – $218
  2. Ariat Heritage Contour Tall Boots – $265.95
  3. Essex Classics Wrap Collar Ladies Show Shirt in Yellow – $61.25
  4. Essex Classics Coolmax Performance Collection Ladies Show Shirt in Lavendar – $54.08
  5. Leather Nameplate Bracelet in Brass – $23.70
  6. Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter Low-Rise in Tan – $179.95
  7. Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter Low-Rise in Green Beige – $179.95
  8. IRH Elite Xtreme Helmet – $237.45
  9. Ariat Regal Reversible Belt – $49.95
  10. Roeckl Chester Glove – $49.95

TOTAL COST: $1,320.23

What I like about this outfit is that it basically just upgrades my current outfit. I love wrap collar show shirts, so I’d love to upgrade my yellow one, and add another color. Same with the breeches — I’d love to move my Ariats to just schooling breeches and show in Tailored Sportsmans. Also, a new show coat that isn’t 100% wool sounds wonderfully… cool.

And really, the cost difference between the two isn’t that much, only $385 retail. Plus, there’s a few things I already have or could do without. I already have a bracelet for Visa, so that knocks off $25. And I don’t mind my belt or gloves, so I could forego those as well (minus another $100). Finally, while the lavendar shirt should be nice, I’m not sure how much I would wear it (to take off another $60).

Of course I couldn’t stop myself here. I decided that just like looking at really, really expensive horses, shopping for outrageously expensive outfits would be fun too. So if I won the lottery, or had a wealthy benefactor or even a trust fund, here’s what I would buy:

  1. Grand Prix Quinn Show Coat – $449
  2. 1/2 Karat Diamond Round Cut Earrings – $479.99
  3. Infinity Pendant Necklace with Double Strand Chain – $19.95
  4. Michael Kors Women’s Stainless Steel, Quartz and Pearl Watch – $137.50
  5. Tailored Sportsman Premier Convertible Collar Show Shirt in Daisy Dukes – $109.99
  6. Tailored Sportsman Premier Convertible Collar Show Shirt in Aquatic – $109.99
  7. Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter Low-Rise in Tan – $179.95
  8. Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter Low-Rise in Green Beige – $179.95
  9. GPA Speed Air Evolution Helmet – $589.99
  10. Leather Nameplate Bracelet in Brass – $23.70
  11. Tailored Sportsman Quilted “C” Belt in Black – $107.95
  12. Roeckl Chester Glove – $49.95
  13. Parlanti Passion Miami Tall Boots – $635.52

TOTAL COST: $3073.43

Yeah, I really went all out. Of course, I could save a boatload with cheaper earrings… but still the outfit is just plain extravagant. Definitely not a bad way to spend $3k if it felt like pocket change! Alas, that will never be me. But it was fun pretending!

If you could splurge on one item for your show outfit, what would it be? Review

Product Review:

Halter TagsProduct Details Blanket Tags & Nameplates
Retail Price: $5.95 + shipping
What I Paid: Full retail
Purchased: November 2013 & September 2013

The Review

I originally purchased one blanket tag and one bridle nameplate for Miles in November after reading rave reviews online for I didn’t hear much about my order for a while, and eventually called the company, which it turns out is a very small, family owned and operated operation. They were behind on orders due to a family issue, but they rushed my order after my call. Unfortunately, the mail ate my order. So when it didn’t arrive and I called again, Halter Tags rushed a second order and sent it completely free of charge. Talk about fabulous customer service! Read More

Teddy O'Connor

Bachelorette Party: Equestrian Style

It’s 107 days until my wedding… holy crap! I’ve stayed pretty on top of most of the planning thus far (if I do say so myself) so most of the items left on my to do list are finalizing various lists and a few small DIY projects. The only big item left was my bachelorette party.

I hemmed and hawed over what I wanted to do. My bridal party is small, and I’m not a big party-goer. There are tons of great bars and clubs downtown, but I can honestly say I think I’ve been to one and it’s just not my scene. Short skirts, tight shirts and high heels… definitely not me. And since I’ve been cooped up inside, I finally devoted some time to internet sleuthing about my bachelorette options.

And I came up with the best idea ever.

We’re going to Rolex! I mean, seriously — it’s fucking perfect. We’ll go down Friday night after I get off work, watch Cross Country on Saturday and Stadium Jumping on Sunday. We’ll shop for pretty pony things, eat some barbeque and drink some wine… and I’ll be surrounded by horses. And horse people. And horse stuff.

Yeah, I’m fucking brilliant.

So this week I booked the hotel and bought the tickets online. I’m so geeked; I haven’t been to Rolex since 2008, where I got to meet the amazing and fabulous Teddy O’Connor (RIP). My maid of honor has never been, so I’m pumped to experience this with her. And my sister is thrilled that she A) doesn’t have to come and B) doesn’t have to drive OR drink…. my family is weird. But everyone is happy, and best of all…

I’m going to Rolex!

show season

Blogger Community

I’ve talked a lot recently about all the people that really help make my equestrian pursuits possible, but it is a topic that is very near and dear to my heart. While many of the professionals and family have been in my life for a long time, there are some newer faces to my support system that I wanted to thank as well.

And that’s you.

I started blogging less than a year ago, and I’ve really enjoyed becoming part of this equestrian blogger community. It’s been incredibly gratifying to share my experiences with everyone and I’ve loved reading about your journeys through life.

Today I’m excited to announce that I’ve been featured on If the Saddle Fits — my very first feature on another blog! Kristen is also in marketing, and writes a wonderful blog about all things in her life — food, fitness, horses — you name it, she’s written about it.

So go check out my interview!

show season
Can’t wait for show season!


Arts and Crafts

I’m sure ya’ll are tired of hearing how terribly, horrible this winter has been, but seriously. It’s ridiculous. At this point, I’m praying for temperatures above freezing by March, which is sad and depressing. So what does a horse-deprived girl do during the days when she can’t get out to the barn?

Arts and crafts of course!

Okay, I confess that I’m not very crafty, but I do have wonderful ideas for crafts… or at least I spend a lot of time on the internet stealing everyone else’s crafty ideas. Then I send them to my mother who is super crafty. So here’s what Betty’s Customs has been working on lately:

saddle rack cover

Saddle Rack Cover

So I saw this originally on Pinterest, which led me to Salleighs Equine Design store on Etsy. This mother/daughter team sells covers for saddle racks that have pockets along the side. It’s brilliant for horse shows, where our typical set-up is one tack stall for 3-5 riders/horses so it’s essential to have lots of storage and take up as little room as possible.

Of course, I’m way too cheap to spend $55 on one. So I sent the picture to my mom who made one to match my garment bags (black with silver trim). The pockets can hold brushes, rags, my number and string… anything I might want easy access to. She also added a secret pocket on the inside to hold my keys and/or cellphone. Brilliant!

Stirrup Iron Cover

One of the ladies at the barn has this awesome stirrup iron cover. It goes over her saddle, so she can keep it on while she lunges instead of those weird straps. Plus it protects the saddle from any scratches. Which would be perfect since my new saddle will have beautiful calfskin leather and my stirrups have almost cheese-grater type pads.

Oooh, fancy!

So that’s next up on the list for snowy day arts and crafts. I’m hoping to get this cover monogrammed too!

And if anyone is so inclined, I could probably convince my mom to send over a pattern!