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2014 Equus Now Classic: Limit Hunters, Part II

Because Miles was just a bit too energetic on Saturday, Trainer and I decided to lunge Miles Sunday morning as well. We started to the left, and he was pretty good. We went around for about 15 minutes and then I changed direction. At which point Miles freaked out, and lost his marbles. He started cantering and bucking, and proceeded to drag me across the ring and out onto the concrete before I finally got him back under control. As soon as Miles stopped, I realized I was shaking about to lose my breakfast. His antics were just so unexpected, and I really thought he was going to get loose for a second and go galloping around the fairgrounds.So I headed back to the barn, switched bits on the lunging bridle and attempted to compose myself. When I headed back out, Miles was none-to-pleased; although instead of trying to run away, he just refused to go forward. I’ll admit, at this point I was pretty upset and I really got after him. But after our “come to Jesus” moment, he lunged well enough. 45 minutes later Miles was huffing and puffing, so I called it quits.

By the time it was our turn to jump our final two hunter rounds, Miles was tired. Good. So we did just a little warm-up, and went in. We planned to continue doing the add-stride on Sunday as well, since both Miles and I were tired. Our schooling trip was okay, but we had some chips and late lead changes. But once we got rolling, things were much smoother.In the first hunter round I chipped in pretty badly to the first fence, and Miles knocked down the rail. I was mad at myself, because it was all my fault; I should have legged him for a longer spot, knowing he’d jump better that way and that since he had less of a motor, getting him back wouldn’t be a big issue. But oh well, live and learn. We got a seventh, due to the pulled rail.

Our second hunter trip was the best of the show. I really attacked the first jump, and galloped on in the corners to get my leads. We got the same placing for our effort (4th) but I was really, really pleased with my ride.

In the under saddle, Miles was great; he dealt with some sticky traffic situations like a total gentleman, didn’t break despite having to canter for five laps straight and really stayed long and low during the trot. I couldn’t have asked for better! We ended up with another fourth, which is just fine. Overall, I just don’t think the judge on Sunday liked Miles very much; and that’s hunters. Sometimes you get a judge that loves you and sometimes you don’t.


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19 thoughts on “2014 Equus Now Classic: Limit Hunters, Part II

  1. I have nightmares about my horse getting lose at shows!! So scary.

    Sounds like a really great show, and you two once again look really nice! I love the last pic.

  2. But the good news is he didn’t get loose! My old pony hunter ALWAYS took off across the grounds when I’d lunge him, the grooms wouldn’t let me touch a lunge line at pony finals for that reason lol

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