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Three Days Left to Join Gift Exchange

Happy Hump Day! We have 28 participants for the Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange — can we get up to 30? There are still three days left to enter!

In case you missed the first announcement, here’s the jist:

Interested bloggers can email me the below info by Friday, Dec. 6 and I’ll randomly assign you someone to shop for! Send your gift out by Dec. 16 and post about your awesome surprise gift and how amazing the organizer is (okay, that second part isn’t mandatory!)

STEP 1: Send an email to tbidwell614(at)gmail(dot)com with your:

  • Name
  • Shipping address
  • Two gift ideas for yourself under $20 (to help your shopper)
  • Blog URL and
  • Whether you’d be willing to ship TO Canada or not

STEP 2: Check your email on Monday, December 9 to find out who you’ll be shopping for!

STEP 3: Send your gift out on the week of Dec. 16

STEP 4: Receive your gift and thank your fellow blogger

Thank you, Horse Nation.


Ariat Heritage Breeches Review

Product Review: Ariat Heritage Breeches

Things continue to be boring and unexciting in the land of Miles (although he did indeed get his pedicure yesterday). I’ve been pretty busy at work, planning for next year is in full gear and there just aren’t enough hours in the day it feel like. Add in wedding planning and the holidays (shopping, traveling, etc.) and I’m basically running around like a chicken with my head cut-off  (and begging for Hermione’s Time Turner).

But I still want to keep up my blog and reach my goal of at least 20 posts per month through the end of the year. So you get to suffer through a few random posts, but I’m hoping to have some exciting, pretty pictures to share later in the week!

Product Details

Size: 34 and 36
Retail Price: $94.95
What I Paid: $50.75 at
Purchased: Spring 2012


No Stirrups Nov 2013

Alls Quiet on the Miles Front

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed a bit of a break — I know I did. I usually try to limit my holiday travelling, but this year that just wasn’t possible; more travelling equals less pony time, so there’s really not much to report on the Miles front.

Rocky demonstrating the post-Thanksgiving coma

Plus I’ve been taking it pretty easy – the farrier was supposed to come out and trim Miles about a week and half ago, but he hurt his back and hasn’t been able to come out yet. He’s scheduled to (finally!) come out today, though. Yippee! And since I’m an overcautious mom, I’ve just been hacking around and doing spa things… which Miles hates.

Anyone have tips for mane pulling? Miles will NOT stand still, so I finally just cut it – and I think it looks okay, except for a section near his ears, which is just too thick. So any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Anyways, I rode for the first time since before Thanksgiving yesterday and Miles was a bit grumpy. Probably the grumpiest I’ve seen him yet, with a few “No, I don’t wanna!” moments that included head shaking and a cow kick. But I just pushed him forward, and as soon as we started doing more interesting things, he was better.

I set out a circle of death with ground poles and worked on that. It went well at the walk and trot, but I didn’t measure and one pole was too close to the center, so the canter was a bit iffy. I really liked this exercise for a multitude of things I’m working on though, such as:

  1. Ride leg to hand (not hand to leg)
  2. Look where I’m going (not where I am)
  3. Increase Miles’ flexibility

I’m definitely going to revisit this exercise later this week and try to set it more properly so we can really work on the canter. I think this will help us focus on our balance and pace, which are two things we desperately need to improve.

I finished up the ride with a bit of no stirrup work. Thus far the key to success for me has been lowering my stirrups one hole for my flat rides and just adding in a few minutes without them at all at the end. I need to work on pushing myself though, because after one lap my legs were burning so I stopped, but today I’m not sore. Guess it’s No Stirrup December for me!

Miles is not enthused about No Stirrup December, LOL