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Miles posing Sept 2013

Miles’ Week


On Monday, I enjoyed a nice, leisurely hack inside. It wasn’t too long, and it was nice to get out and stretch my legs. Except for the end where the monkey on my back my rider decided to participate in No Stirrup November. If you haven’t heard of it, be sure NOT to mention it to your human, it’s borderline cruel and unusual punishment, and I’ve already threatened to get my lawyer involved.

After that I got cookies (Stud Muffins, my second favorite!) and extra hay because I am awesome.


My human came out in the dark and brought her boyfriend (although I’m told he will now be family… color me skeptical). I thought it would be business as usual, but she was all frantic and I was amused at her impression of running around like a chicken with its head cut off (which I’ve never seen myself, but I have it on good authority from the cow pony next door that it’s very funny).

We promptly went to the wash stall (in the dark) and I got a bath. Which was okay, except for the part where I had to get my face washed — my human needs to learn that she has a maximum of 15 seconds with the hose in my face. More dedicated training in this area is needed; however with winter fast approaching I fear she will forget all of her lessons by the time summer rolls around. Sigh.

Then I stood around in the crossties with my blankets on, which was very boring. But the boyfriend held my bucket so I could eat dinner… hopefully this whole “becoming family” nonsense does happen because he is a good bucket-holder.

I was angry because I did not get to go outside with my friends and I don’t know why! I was in the barn all by myself for hours before my human finally showed up. But then there was a CAMERA, which is my favorite because I get to be the center of attention, which is where I belong, because I’m awesome. So we did some walking around the farm and I got to eat a lot of peppermints (which are my favorite!), and my human tried to pose for the camera, but she’s not very good at it. Poor thing. I also got to meet my younger brother, who smells like a dog, but is small like a cat. Very confusing, but whatever — I got more peppermints so I was happy!



But then everything went downhill very quickly. The human’s friend came (she is not well-trained, does not feed me treats and does not think my grumpiness is “cute” like MY human). And she CLIPPED ME. And I hated it — those clippers feel so funny and are ticklish and the human went SO SLOW. It was awful.

I only got to go to the indoor today to play, which started my day off very poorly. There is no grass and I do not get to chat with my buddies in the indoor. To make matters worse, my human’s friend came BACK out and clipped me AGAIN. I told her that this kind of treatment was unacceptable, but she didn’t care at all. Bitch.


Finally my human came out, and we did one of those sessions with all my friends and the other human in the middle who talks a lot. I like her the bestest because she always tells me I am good and helps make my human ride less like a monkey. But I was still very upset with how poorly my week had been and I decided that it was time for a tough lesson for my human.

So I was really cranky the whole time — I pinned my ears at all the other horses, swished my tail when she put her leg on and cow-kicked a few times when she asked me to canter. That should teach her to treat me so poorly!

But then there were jumps! And I love to jump — the human in the middle who talks a lot always lets me jump so I love her. Today she told my human to leave me alone and ignore my “attitude” (thank GOD someone around here understands me!)

So after that things were good, and I got very sleepy so I slept while the other ponies jumped around. It was a nice nap and my buddies told me I didn’t miss anything exciting. Afterwards, my human didn’t even brush me (the training is working!) so I went to bed nice and tired and happy with my treats and hay… because I’m awesome.

Here’s hoping my human doesn’t come out to see me today. I am really sick and tired of her this week.

bucket list

Blog Hop: Equestrian Bucket List

The Little Bay Princess is hosting an Equestrian Bucket List blog hop, so of course I had to join in. Thanks for hosting, Julie!

“I want to hear about your equestrian bucket list! I think we all have things, whether they be on paper or in our head, that we would love to do someday. Pick three that are horse related, and tell me a little about them.”

Picking only three is going to be the most difficult part of this blog hop. But here goes…

#1 Go to an overnight A-Rated Show

I want to have the whole “A-Circuit Showing Experience.” I want to travel to another state, stay in a hotel and show over a long weekend. Right now, I only show locally, and while they are overnight and technically rated (B, I believe for the hunter ring) I’ve only ever shown the exempt/opportunity classes and I stay at home — not quite the experience I’m looking for.

Our barn has talked about going to the Kentucky Horse Park before, but we really weren’t ready. There’s been more talk about going next year, so we’ll see!

special horse show moment

#2 Ride on the beach

I know this is super cliché, but I still think riding on the beach would be an amazing experience. My family took a trip out West a long time ago, and we got to do some trail rides through the mountains and rivers and it was my favorite family vacation by far. The scenery was gorgeous and it was so cool to do a real trail ride through the wilderness, with you know, wildlife other than deer.

So yeah, riding on the beach is definitely making the cut.

horseback riding on the beach

#3 Trail Ride with Sam

Insert groan. I know, I know, this one is sappy. But I really want to buy a husband-safe horse and teach Sam to ride so we can go on trail rides together. He’s expressed interest before, and we had planned to teach him to ride when Visa was retired, but we never got a chance to act on that. So one day, when I can afford board on two horses, I’m going to just go out and get one so that Sam and I have no more excuses!


In A Rut

I’m in a rut. After my horse show high faded, I found myself with less motivation and more excuses. With the weather turned chilly and blustery, it’s harder to leave the warmth of my house; With daylight savings time over, I will now be at the barn in the dark. And what, exactly do I have to work on again? Those small stepping stones seem too elusive to articulate these days.

But I mustered up enough motivation to go out to the barn on Saturday. Miles was a filthy, muddy mess and he argued about being brushed… which was annoying. Eventually I cleaned up the beast so he at least looked mildly presentable, tacked up and got on.

I had the entire large indoor to myself, but I was too lazy to put out any poles or anything, so I decided to focus on bending and circles. It went okay: Miles didn’t get as stretchy/bendy as I would have liked, but he tried.

We also worked on smaller circles, and I got frustrated. To this point, we’ve mostly only done 20m+ circles (as in wall to wall of the arena). But I think it’s time we got ourselves a little more balanced and handy, so I tried some 10-15m circles. Again, Miles participated but it just didn’t feel great. We’d start the first half of the circle going well, then he’d bulge out and I was barely able to keep him on the intended track for the last 1/4th of the circle.

After about 25 minutes I realized I was doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, so I stopped. There was no reason for me to pick a fight — Miles was doing what he was asked, I was just not in the best of moods. So I hopped off, brushed him and put him back with extra hay and treats.

I had planned to go out to the barn on Sunday as well, but my back was really hurting and I had other plans so I skipped it. See what I mean about less motivation and more excuses? Ugh.

In other news, since I sucked it up so terribly during the Two Point Challenge, I decided to try to do No Stirrup November! Some of my friends at the barn want to do it, so hopefully we can all cry together… or probably they will laugh as I struggle to do one lap of trotting around the ring. But whatever, at least it’s something to do!

By Viva Carlos