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I Want It All

I have a list going of possible blog topics, and one that has been at the top of the list for quite some time is a follow-up to Weighing In. My new favorite blogger Megan Kepferle, over at Chronicle of the Horse, recently penned an article about wanting it all, but that the truth is you can’t.
And while I understand where Megan is coming from… there’s a big part of me that simply doesn’t agree. Okay, I get that I can’t necessarily be a world-renowned veterinarian, a new-age Martha Stewart and make the Olympic Show Jumping Team all in this lifetime, but I refuse to believe that I can’t have all the things that I really do want:
 Success in the show ring
– A strong, fit body
 Fun social life with great friends
– A good career
Of course, those are just the high-level goals. But seriously, that list is not that long and I’m well on my way to several of those goals already. But that’s why I love Megan Kepferle’s blogs: even if we don’t agree, her posts never fail to hit home. Within her post this week is this quote:

David O’Connor asked, “What is the price you are willing to pay?”

Now that’s an interesting way of looking at things. Instead of telling me “I can’t” or that “it’s impossible,” this quote puts me in the driver’s seat; what are you willing to do to have it all? Too long have I been a passenger on my ride to “fitness” instead of the driver – I need to man up and take control.
And winter is the perfect time to do so. I’m not busy showing, and I’m not wanting to spend as much time outside. Working out in the gym is, at least, warm and without snow. I need to pay the price of not watching so much TV and not getting as much sleep to achieve my goal of increased fitness, which I know will allow me achieve not only my goal of a strong, fit body, but will also lead to more success in the show ring.
Heck, since I purchased Miles (which was a month and a half ago) I’ve already noticed increased stamina and fitness. On Sunday of our first horse show, I wasn’t exhausted and tired, walking on dead legs like I had all summer; I still had some strength left. I know riding (and therefore exercising) five times a week versus two has definitely helped… now I just need to find a way to exercise more.
Anyone have any tips for staying motivated to work out? 
bucket list

Blog Hop: Equestrian Bucket List

The Little Bay Princess is hosting an Equestrian Bucket List blog hop, so of course I had to join in. Thanks for hosting, Julie!

“I want to hear about your equestrian bucket list! I think we all have things, whether they be on paper or in our head, that we would love to do someday. Pick three that are horse related, and tell me a little about them.”

Picking only three is going to be the most difficult part of this blog hop. But here goes…

#1 Go to an overnight A-Rated Show

I want to have the whole “A-Circuit Showing Experience.” I want to travel to another state, stay in a hotel and show over a long weekend. Right now, I only show locally, and while they are overnight and technically rated (B, I believe for the hunter ring) I’ve only ever shown the exempt/opportunity classes and I stay at home — not quite the experience I’m looking for.

Our barn has talked about going to the Kentucky Horse Park before, but we really weren’t ready. There’s been more talk about going next year, so we’ll see!

special horse show moment

#2 Ride on the beach

I know this is super cliché, but I still think riding on the beach would be an amazing experience. My family took a trip out West a long time ago, and we got to do some trail rides through the mountains and rivers and it was my favorite family vacation by far. The scenery was gorgeous and it was so cool to do a real trail ride through the wilderness, with you know, wildlife other than deer.

So yeah, riding on the beach is definitely making the cut.

horseback riding on the beach

#3 Trail Ride with Sam

Insert groan. I know, I know, this one is sappy. But I really want to buy a husband-safe horse and teach Sam to ride so we can go on trail rides together. He’s expressed interest before, and we had planned to teach him to ride when Visa was retired, but we never got a chance to act on that. So one day, when I can afford board on two horses, I’m going to just go out and get one so that Sam and I have no more excuses!