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Every single accomplishment starts with the decision to try

Quarterly Review of Goals – 2013 Q2

When I first (re-)started this blog, I looked at my favorites to see what they did — what tabs did they have, what posts did I like (or not like), etc. This “research first” stems directly from my job, but I just couldn’t help myself. Why reinvent the wheel?

So I borrowed the video timeline idea from Equestrian At Hart, about me from All In and my yearly goals from Viva Carlos. L. Williams also reviews her goals (quarterly) and I thought it would be a good experiment for me to try as well. I have always been goal-oriented (probably why I like to horse show so much), so putting them down on paper and holding myself to them might help me accomplish a few more — or at least that was my original thought. So, let’s see where I’m at!

Riding and Showing Goals

  • Improve at each show
    So far, so good! I’ve really stretched myself and I definitely had a break-through at the June Delaware. Hopefully this trend will continue through the next few shows!
  • Win a chair
  • Show Diamond
  • Lesson Diamond at 2’6″

    These three goals have turned out to be my “pies in the sky.” I really over-estimated how far along I was riding-wise. Vinnie and I will not being winning a chair this year, and I’m hardly even riding Diamond anymore, except for a few flat rides here and there. Honestly, these aren’t really even goals I have for myself anymore. Live and learn!

  • Improve my foundation, with equal weight in my legs at all times
  • Consistently keep my core tight
    I’ve worked really hard on the first of these goals, and I’ve definitely seen improvement. The “at all times” clause might be a bit overzealous, but I still have a few more months before the end of the year. The second goal I’ve not worked on as much, as my focus has turned to the more immediate problem of my two-point over fences.

Vinnie cantering

Personal Goals

    • Stay on budget
      I’ve done well with the budget thus far and all signs point to continued success in this arena. Hooray!
  • Lose 10 lbs
  • Find a diet that works for me
  • Create and stick to a workout plan
    These three goals definitely all go hand in hand, and I’ve not been doing well. I started strong, but recently have fallen off track. I’m going to try to re-focus on the small things, such as eliminating snacking and increasing my mobility, even if that just means a walk.
  • Visit Atlanta
    Ugh, this is the one I’m most disappointed about. I didn’t get my act together quickly enough, so unless Sam can play hookey during the school year for a day or so, our trip to Atlanta might not happen until next year.
  • Work on my communication via email
    I’ve really focused on this at work and have seen noticeable improvement in my ability to get the point across, as well as my tone.
  • Finish Visa’s corner

    Well I did get a few copies of photos made and tracked down the ones from the professional photographer, but I still need to pay for those and get the frame done.


Wow. I thought I was doing much better than this list indicates. I’m not so upset about the riding and showing goals that I haven’t accomplished — most of those weren’t realistic (although I didn’t know it at the time). But the personal goals I’ve really slacked on. Time to get my butt in gear!

Diamond and Tracy with ribbons

Rockin’ & Rollin’

This past weekend was another show at our barn. I really enjoyed the last one, but I’ve been showing so much I really needed a weekend to catch up on everything else… like having food in the fridge. So I came to the barn for my Thursday night lesson, turned out there were six of us in total, and we got to school the show course since it was already set up.

The lesson started out rocky. We warmed up outside and Vinnie was great — loped around without a care. Then we went to the indoor, which requires us to walk next to the bear-infested woods. Vinnie was tentative, but we made it to the door… where he promptly spooked and whirled away. Perfect start! I got off and just walked him into the area and around some of the jumps. He calmed down quickly and we were able to trot around and eventually pop over a warm-up jump.
Here, I am going to pause and detail our first jump, because I am so proud of myself. We did a diagonal going up (towards the mirrors) and I could feel Vinnie sucking back during our approach. So I closed my leg, clucked and he went over! Now, I know most riders do this all the time, but I do not. I usually have no idea that Vinnie is about to stop and thus am never prepared to prevent it from happening the first time. But this time I did! Huzzah! 
Anyways, on to the rest of the lesson. I was still a little bit nervous about the fences — we haven’t been jumping oxers lately and there was a scary dark brown natural with garland. Needless to say, I was worried Vinnie would really pop up over one of them and jump me out of the tack. But I put on my big girl panties and went around and jumped two courses. I had only one not-so-great following over the fence jump, but it wasn’t BAD, just not good. The rest went well — we were definitely in our groove, rockin’ and rollin’! I was so happy that I just called it quits after that. It was hot and muggy and I was tired.
After the lesson, my trainer asked if I would consider showing Diamond in some of the flat classes in the show on Saturday. Of course, I said yes! So Saturday I trekked out with boyfriend in tow and showed in Hunter Under Saddle and Equitation on the Flat. Diamond was a bit anxious… not really wanting to stand still, but she was great under saddle. We got 2nd out of three in the equitation (which, for me is pretty good!) and then 1st out of five or so in the under saddle. It was fun, and we were done and out of there in two hours — plenty of time for laundry and the grocery.



This week is a short work-week, with the holiday (yippee!) and I have a horse show this weekend. I hope everyone has a safe and fun Fourth of July!