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2 Favorite Under $50

The Polka Dot Periodical, brought to you by Nicku and Pongo, is holding a contest! Tell her your favorite equine-inspired products under $50, and YOU could receive her favorite product in the same price point. I love Nicku’s blog about her adventures with Pongo, her drop-dead gorgeous leopard appaloosa as they navigate dressage and eventing.

Anyways, now that you’ve enjoyed our friendly public service announcement, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. My favorite products under $50!

Lettia Embroidered Baby Pads (All-Purpose) – $24.99

I am extremely picky about saddle pads. I don’t like them too thick or too thin; too big or too small. I never use those Velcro straps at the front either and often just ending up cutting them off. Plus for schooling, I don’t like boring, plain-old white or even really solid colors. I like a little something extra.

Enter the Lettia Collection. They are just the right size and thickness, plus they don’t come with those Velcro straps — just the girth strap! And of course, they come with adorable symbols that give them that little touch of unique I love.

At $25, I’m definitely in love.

Ovation Zocks – $9

I blame the fact that I show hunters, which in the ring offer no options for color, patterns or pizzazz in general. So I am forced to keep my flamboyant style tendencies under wraps and it just so happens that Zocks are the perfect solution! Hidden under my tall boots, I can pick any color and pattern under the sun and enjoy them without giving my trainer a heart attack. I’m currently coveting the Yellow Oriental Garden pattern!


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6 thoughts to “2 Favorite Under $50”

  1. I ditto expressing yourself with socks. That’s how I felt too before I started eventing. And how I’m just plain conservative so I only get crazy with my socks.

  2. Ditto on both. The Lettia ‘wither relief’ baby pads are da bomb – but they have yet to make them with embroidery, but the ICE collection has fun colors. I also like Epona socks too. I use them in the summer – much cooler.

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