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Horse On Course

108 Days

I’ve got horse show fever. After visiting Hillary at Roberts Arena this weekend and my Instagram being flooded with pictures from WEF, all I really want to do is step into an arena and horse show. Of course, I’m not quite ready to show 2’6″ again yet, but I’m working towards that goal ever ride, every lesson. Also, I may have purchased a Show Vibes sweater to ease the pain (#sorrynotsorry). Naturally, I’ve started a countdown to our first show of the season in late May: 108 days to go ya’ll.

I've Got Horse Show Fever

Miles had it easy last week: we only rode three days, including a walk-only trail ride. Then he got a four-day weekend. That’s all well and fine; I don’t mind Miles getting some time off now and then, but I’m itching to get down to business. He felt fantastic during our hack on Sunday, if not a little bit excited to get back to work. Monday is our typical lesson day, so when the temps dropped and it started snowing, I was anxious to get out to the barn. Trainer allowed us to move up our lesson time, so it was a bit crazy in the arena. The kids were prepping for IEA Regionals this weekend (Go Team Brookside!), so there were lots of horses all over.

Horse On Course

Miles handled the chaos well, although he wasn’t afraid to show his displeasure by cow-kicking out on our way to our warm-up jump. We worked through that quickly, and then he was stellar. As I told my husband that evening, every horse is going to have evasions that they use to express their opinions. No horse is always foot-perfect. All I care about it that these evasions don’t scare me, that I learn to handle them properly, and that I can work with my horse to move past them. And I’m there. I’ve worked HARD to get there, but now I handle Miles’ shit, correct it, and move on.

Miles after a Round at Delaware

After our quick discussion and a little bit of schooling during our first course, Miles settled in just fine. We finished up with a really nice 2′-2’3″ course, starting with an oxer, to a vertical single and then down a four-stride bending line that we NAILED, and then finished up over a 2’6″ vertical. A 2’6″ VERTICAL. Yeah, it was plain white rails, but I haven’t jumped my horse over a 2’6″ fence since July Fourth. THAT’S 220 DAYS YA’LL!! We finished on that, and to say I was ecstatic (and so was Trainer) would be an understatement.

108 Days to Go, and I’m feeling really good about that. 2016, here we come!


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15 thoughts on “108 Days

  1. I am SO BEYOND PROUD of you for sticking with this and developing the mental & emotional toughness you needed to learn to ride your horse well. I know the past few months have been difficult, but I am cheering in triumph whenever I hear about a new milestone! The fact that you are able to confidently shut down Miles’ pony baloney and keep on riding is incredible. I can’t WAIT to see what you do in the show ring this season!

  2. yesssss i am seriously so happy for you. idk what it is, but sometimes hitting a rough patch is exactly what we need to step back and reassess our goals, priorities, mental spaces, whatever – and come back with renewed vigor. you guys are gonna be great this season!!!

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